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SEO For Low Competition

SEO FOR LOW COMPETITION is When a brand, product or service is looking to market itself around

A small geographic location that could be a city, town, a state or a small country
If the domain involves less business volume

Then competition can be fairly expected to be low, achieving first page rank on  Google, Bing  or Yahoo search should take around 30 to 60 days


MERELY BEING ON FIRST PAGE will not deliver any commercial benefits because only first 3 businesses from top in any search on any search engine receive significant volumes in terms of website visits, calls, physical visits to the location, etc. According to various studies

70-80% of all visits land on first 3 businesses that pull up in searches
More than 80% searches are on Google controlled search engines.
Around 75% searches are on mobile phones

What can be referred to as LOW COMPETITION?

LOW COMPETITION can ideally mean one or all of the following,

Competing Websites command a high MOZ DOMAIN AUTHORITY(DA)
Businesses that are significantly in print media at present & have started moving into digital media RECENTLY.
Websites competing are neither old nor have they invested into SEO.
Consumer profile is young- MORE THAN 45 YEARS

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