Digital marketing for small company

digital marketing for small company - Choices available:

  1. Google ads & social media advertising
  2. Search engine optimization

The challenge

To achieve breakeven

In Digital Marketing the most important requirement is to achieve a sustainable model as soon as possible, so that your efforts do not become money guzzlers, as startups and small companies cannot survive.

The solution

Targeted approach

For startups it is important to divide targets into two parts, irrespective of the nature of the business:

  1. Short term – To achieve breakeven
  2. Long term – To reduce advertising cost by increasing website authority

The results

Paid ads are the best

ADVERTING online is the fastest way to achieve visibility, calls and revenue & with a bit of experience it can generate profits but the problem is that in the process of gathering this workable solution you risk losing your capital.

Fine tune the balance

Big dilemma

Above 3 platforms available for an online presence are the only ones which all businesses use to reach their desired targets. Above choices are not to be selected from but have to be used in a manner/mix/ratio that optimizes your returns on investment(ROI), to achieve a sustainable model.

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